Abraham 2

Verse 21
This section helps clear up the troubling “lie” that Abraham tells about Sarai. First, and most importantly, he is doing what the Lord commands him to do. The Lord tells him to say that Sarai is his sister because she is beautiful and the pharaoh will want to marry her. In that day pharaohs wouldn’t commit adultery, but they would kill the husband in order to marry the wife. Sarai and Abraham were also closely related, and based on customs at the time it would have been possible that the were known as brother and sister. If there was any lie it was one of omission, not commission.

Abraham 3

Verse 2
Kolob is the star nearest to the planet where God resides. Not the place where God resides as some will get confused and teach.

Verse 3
Kolob is the governing body over all the planets. It runs on God’s time, where one thousand years on earth is equal to one day on Kolob.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever read Abraham and it is pretty intense. So much doctrine jam packed in a very small space!